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Prolog(ue) in Seattle - Vorcon zum Worldcon - 14.-16.8.15

Prolog(ue) Seattle Worldcon Convention USA

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#1 Nina


    Europas repräsentativster Fan ;-)

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Geschrieben 01 June 2015 - 16:57

Eine Woche vor dem Worldcon in Spokane findet etwa 400 km weiter, in Seattle, eine nette Convention statt. Sozusagen zum Vorfeiern und dementsprechend ohne viel Programm. Deswegen so weit zu fliegen, wird sich wohl kaum lohnen, aber wenn jemand ohnehin zum Worldcon fliegt, bietet sich ein Abstecher durchaus an.


Adresse des Veranstaltungsortes: Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center: Seattle-Renton

[font="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"]1 S Grady Way[/font]
[font="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"]Renton, WA 98057[/font]
[font="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"](425) 226-7700, USA[/font]


[font="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"]Link: [/font]http://fanac.ninja/


Und ja, ich habe eine Membership! ;-)

#2 Nina


    Europas repräsentativster Fan ;-)

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Geschrieben 01 August 2015 - 10:06

Jetzt gibt es auch eine ausführlichere Beschreibung:



[color=rgb(102,102,102);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Prolog(ue): The Fannish Pre-Worldcon Relaxacon - August 14-16, 2015[/color]

Progress Report 1

Program - 7pm Friday thru 5:30pm Sunday
Yes, we†™re a relaxacon. Yep, we have programming anyhow. We†™re Seattle fans, we don†™t quite know what to do with ourselves if we don†™t have a program. Don†™t fret, we†™ll stick to a single track of light-hearted, silly fare. Frantic fun is our middle name. Our light-hearted, silly, frantic-fun-loving Master of Programming, Andrew P. Hooper, would thrill to get your extra ideas and suggestions for program, offers of participation, and cash in small denominations. Reach him at program@fanac.ninja

Persons of Interest
Nina Horvath - 2015 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate, visiting from Austria - will be in Seattle on her first US stop while visiting North America, and Prolog(ue) will be her first taste of American-style conventions before she moves on to the big megillah of Worldcon. We are pleased to host a reception for Nina to meet Seattle fans on Friday night of Prolog(ue).

Charles Stross - Hugo- and Locus-Award winning author of the Laundry Files series, the Merchant Princes series, and too many stand-alone novels and short stories to mention, will be reading from his latest Laundry Files book, The Annihilation Score (released July 7) and possibly unreleased upcoming stories. You Heard It Here First.

Make Your Hotel Reservation NOW
Red Lion Seattle-Renton †¢ One South Grady Way, Renton. Convention rate: $139 per night (single/double), buffet breakfast, airport shuttle, & parking included

If you are planning to join us for Prolog(ue), or even if you†™re just seriously considering coming, please make your hotel reservation now. Summer is high season for Seattle area hotels, and ours is no different. We must release unreserved rooms in our block on July 31. After that there may not be any rooms to be had, certainly not at the convention rate. Please phone the hotel reservation line: (425) 226-7700 and use our group code (Prologue 2015) when making reservations. If you have problems or questions, hotel liaison Suzanne Tompkins can be reached at hotel@fanac.ninja .

Van to Spokane: Tuesday, August 18
So you†™d like to road trip from Prolog(ue) to Sasquan, but don†™t want to drive yourself? We have a solution for that! We†™ve hired a van to Spokane (and back). Twelve brave souls will leave Renton for Spokane bright and early on Tuesday, August 18 and take a scenic drive out Highway 2 with stops in Woodinville and Leavenworth for passengers to check out local wineries and breweries, plus the absurd, gimcrackery pseudo-Bavarian confection that is Leavenworth, Washington. We†™ll return to Seattle on the afternoon of Sunday, August 23. Round-trip cost is $100 per passenger, and space is very limited so contact us now if you†™d like to reserve a space and leave the driving to us. Send mail to chair@fanac.ninja

Two-Headed Hospitality Monster
We†™ve opted for a two-pronged attack in hosting our consuite. First up, Jane Hawkins, the mad genius behind Janecon, the birthday party that gave birth to a convention. Jane loves few things more than throwing a hospitable party for her friends, and she†™s good at it. She†™s in charge of making the consuite a fine and welcoming place to hang out for the weekend. If we†™re really nice to her, maybe she†™ll make us some of her fudge. Second, beer maestro Scott Kreidermacher has been collecting and cellaring some of the most interesting and obscure of craft beers for decades. We leverage his considerable expertise to secure what promises to be one of the most mind-bending selections of quality brew ever to grace a science fiction convention. And if you†™re not a beer fan, no worries - there will be plenty of interesting and tasty non-bheer potables, because Jane. Among the highlights to look for in hospitality: Top Pot doughnuts and Blazing bagels in the mornings, a custom-brewed Prolog(ue) exclusive beer in the evenings, and mysterious sea-weedy Japanese Uwajimacallit snacks all day long.

Malt Tour Monday : Monday, August 17
For bibulous Prolog(ue) members still in town the Monday after Prologue, we are organizing a drinking tour of local craft distilleries and micro- and nano-brewpubs to show off hyper-local malt beverages of Georgetown, SoDo and South King. The tour van seats 12, with a second van possible if there is sufficient demand. Please let send a note to beer@fanac.ninja to reserve a place on the tour. Projected stops may include: Brewpubs - Counterbalance, Flying Lion, Odin, and Airways Brewing. Distillers -Copperworks and 3 Howls.

Fabulous Renton: No, Really
Renton is to Seattle as Croydon is to London. Not often a primary destination, it†™s a bedroom community that grew up around a small town. Less urbane than its cosmopolitan neighbor to the north, it†™s the butt of jokes when it†™s noticed at all. But the fleshpots of Renton shouldn†™t be dismissed out of hand. Good to excellent dining, exotic adventure grocery shopping, great pubs, and the unavoidable Fry†™s and Ikea are close to hand. Check out our local guide for tips on what†™s nearby and what†™s best.

Recreational Marijuana Use While Visiting Washington
As you may have heard, it is now legal to use marijuana recreationally in the State of Washington. Marijuana may be purchased from licensed vendors and consumed on private property with permission of the property owner. It may be smoked in private hotel rooms if the hotel allows, but only in designated smoking rooms. (The Red Lion is a no-smoking hotel.) As with alcohol, the legal minimum age for use is 21 years. It is illegal to use marijuana in public view, and operating a vehicle while under the influence is a DUI offense if blood levels of THC meet or exceed 5 nanograms per milliliter. For more consumer information on the use of marijuana while visiting Washington, please see www.LearnAboutMarijuanaWA.org .

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