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Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks (Zoe Lionheart) - Englisch

Action Erotik Thriller Space Opera Zoe Lionheart Science Fiction Adventure

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#1 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks I - Entrance
Here we go again...

Now that Johanna is truly in charge, she will take all the heat

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Lioness' Tracks I - Entrance (Zoe Lionheart Book 21)

Responsibility rests hard on Johanna†™s shoulders†”for her friends and companions in fate, for innocent mankind, even for her enemies. Johanna hasn†™t much time left to familiarize herself with her new role when a new-old enemy announces his arrival. But there†™s still so much to do†”will it work out in the end?

The container truck driver pushed the pedal all way down, and a few hundred angry horsepowers pulled the bulky vehicle forward through the deserted street. In the street lantern†™s light, one could see the knuckles of his hands, cramped around the wheel, turn white.
Close to the old factory access road, the engine veered off the road, broke through the barrier arm, then through the rusty trellised gate, and targeted the factory hall entrance with its two large sliding doors. The doors†™ thin sheet gave in with a crack.
The damage elicited a sigh from me. The attackers were probably entirely oblivious to my financial worries, though.
The vehicle came to a halt halfway into the hall. The rear container doors opened, and six motorbikes shot away with loud chatter.
From my place on the factory building†™s roof, I couldn†™t determine what was happening inside, but I assumed that Rod†™s men would quickly get the situation under control.
You have visitors by air, my Companion reported.
Thanks. I could now spot the large helicopter myself. They wouldn†™t think they can get away with that unseen?
There is now another truck stopping on the road behind the factory and opening its cargo bed cover. Perhaps they plan to bring their loot there?
Then they†™d have to amputate the Taipan†™s wings first. No, watch out for a ship where they could set their cargo down.
Yes, Companion. Oh!
Achrotzyber†™s signature raced toward the ground. Then I sensed a fusion reactor†™s startup emissions from the far end of the factory grounds. This coincidence couldn†™t mean anything good†”I turned around and made a giant leap across the building to its rear.
The fusion reactor could only be sensed, not seen, but instead, I recognized what had made my Companion dive down fast. The truck†™s side walls, which had just landed on the street with a clap, unveiled a two-barrel cannon and a ball head. I wasn†™t versed in such things, but both together looked like an anti-aircraft gun with a radar dome to me.
That went too far for my taste.
Keep your head down, Mighty, I told my Dragon. This isn†™t your game.
Our opponents†™ level of organization suggests further preparations.
Hoping their radar couldn†™t pick me up close to the ground, I ran toward the rear fence and activated my radio.
“Weapons of war deployed. Helicopter. Anti-aircraft gun,† I reported and continued toward the cannon. “Level three.†
“Roger,† Rod†™s calm voice immediately replied. “Red One to all. Level four.†
“Black One, roger,† Lucy acknowledged. “Level four.†
“Blue One, roger,† Kenneth said. “Level four.†
Well, okay, four, then. This included measures against a potential attack on the island, while level three only symbolized a quasi-military attack on the factory.
By unveiling the cannon ahead of me, the attackers had clearly positioned themselves above level two†”well-organized criminals or spies. I jumped on the cargo bed and cut a few parts that looked critical for the ammunition feed to me.
“Gun eliminated,† I added. However, that only applied to the cannon. Two men rose from their computer consoles, and the third took his hand off the lever that probably had just released the cover. All three looked around in bewilderment for where the sudden interruption†™s cause might be and drew pistols.
The cause†”I†”was of course invisible and didn†™t wait for the three men to attempt a chance shot. Tiny stun darts effectively prevented that, and thereafter, I only had to deal with the driver at the wheel.
The loud hiss of plasma bullets and the silent whistle of linear projectiles from the other side of the building quickly fell silent, while the woundeds†™ painful cries continued for another while. It took a few minutes before the first siren wails could be heard.

#2 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Geschrieben 06 Januar 2016 - 19:57

Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks I - Entrance
jetzt auch bei Amazon.

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Lioness' Tracks I - Entrance (Zoe Lionheart Book 21) bei Amazon.de

#3 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Geschrieben 06 August 2016 - 13:19

Meine englischen Titel (und auch die meiner Mitautoren) gibt es diesen Monat 25% günstiger:
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#4 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks II - Exploration

If you can†™t stand the heat, don†™t come close to a Dragon.

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Lioness' Tracks II - Exploration (Zoe Lionheart Book 22)

Jo and her team successfully prevented the second invasion. Only a single enemy Scout made it to Earth, but the horror it brought makes people shiver. For Jo, it†™s clear†”to get ahead of another attack, she must enter hostile territory, even if there is no chance for a return journey.

My first concern was Stubble and his friends†™ safety. “Stay behind us. This is not your fight.†

Despite his noticeable relief, he disagreed. “It should be our fight.†

“Not today.† Not with a Dragon Protectress present.

Before I could step toward the newcomers, though, Francine placed a hand on my arm. “My job.†

Fatima gave me a questioning glance, but I only smiled in agreement. Francine was quite capable of handling this situation and†”other than Stubble†™s group†”these new brawlers didn†™t deserve the indulgence in my eyes.

No, Jo. Even these people belong to the protected. My Analogy was right, of course.

“Be gentle.†

Francine nodded and smiled. “Naturally.†

She elegantly walked toward the Zombies balancing on her high-heeled shoes. Just like me, she immediately recognized the leader based on their formation, a tall blond with gloves and a butterfly knife.

“Hey, Blondie.†

“Down with that dress,† the leader demanded. “Reveal yourself if you wanna live.†

Francine obediently lifted her left arm and reached for the zipper with her right. Then she slipped out of the strap on her shoulder. She took her time letting the dress slide over her body to the ground. Some of the men whistled. When her strip show ended, she stepped out of the dress pooled at her feet and exploded.

A few moments later, the twenty-four men were writhing on the ground in pain. Francine leaned over the leader and held his knife up to his crotch.

Fatima slowly let out her breath. “What was that?† she whispered.

“The upgrade. Francine is fast.†

“What did you just say?† Francine asked her victim.

The Zombie leader saw the naked woman above him, heard his friends†™ moaning and whining and felt the steel†™s sharp coldness slowly penetrate his pants. “What?†

“Did you just threaten to take my life?†

“What†”but, no†”†

I could see her blade†™s pressure increase as her victim†™s tension grew.

“Yes. Okay, I threatened you. Please!†

Francine didn†™t reduce the pressure. “You will never again touch a knife. And I don†™t want to meet any of you ever again in a similar situation. Not in Brisbane, and nowhere else in Australia. Understood?†

“Yes. Yes! Who†”what are you?†

“The woman with the knife at your balls. Now get lost.†

Francine rose and took a step back. Dressed only in her high heels and holding the Zombie leader†™s knife, Francine watched the Zombies withdraw.

One tried to reach for his lost knife, then glanced at her. She slightly shook her head, and he made up his mind to run away as fast as he could without his weapon.

Once they all disappeared, Francine tossed the knife away, took her dress, dusted it, and put it on again.

“What a woman!† Stubble whispered behind me. “Damn, what I would give for†¦†

“Start with a beer,† I cut him before he could finish his thought.

#5 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks III - Assassin

Her body is a deadly weapon†”she†™s a Mamba.

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Lioness' Tracks III - Assassin (Zoe Lionheart Book 23)

I heard the chafing and then clacking noise of a pistol slide, reached the door, spotted an athletic man with bald spot and thin beard in a pale suit aiming at another man on a chair. He turned back to me with eyes widened in surprise. He merely had to pull the trigger and our mission would have failed.

My name is Monique Arnaud. I am a Mamba. My teammates and I were biochemically enhanced and trained by the Cartel as professional assassins. Now we†™re working for the Dragon empress as secret agents instead. Our mission is to extract the Cartel†™s instruments†”Dragon technology experts†”from their captivity.

The world-wide crime cartel is shattered, but still numerous graduates of the old Dragon technology university are in the hands of merciless criminals. To free them and win them as supporters for Johanna†™s defense efforts is the perfect challenge for her special unit, the Mambas. But such a mission bears high risk and doesn†™t always run smoothly. What kind of sacrifices must the fighters make to reach their goals?

The approximately two-meter-high quarry wall meant no obstacle to me, although the dense moss growth had soaked up the morning dew and thus had become very slippery. The old trees on this side of the estate blocked every sight of the mansion†”and vice versa. So I could simply jump up to the capstone and down the inner side again.

I looked to the right. Elodie had just let herself drop from a strong branch and showed me a circle of thumb and index finger†”all okay. I returned the signal and glanced around once more.

If Sabine hadn†™t missed something, there were no electronic security measures in the park, no motion sensors, tripwires, or infrared light barriers†”all the nice things Jo liked to talk about. Nevertheless, I checked again myself. Tess had instructed us at least a dozen times that we wouldn†™t become a disgrace to Jo†”needlessly, as we all agreed on that. No noise, no shoot-out, silently in and out. Velvet-like, so to speak. The guards shouldn†™t even notice our visit.

I sneaked on and peered around the next tree. From here, I could observe the largest part of the terrace running all around the mansion†™s upper floor. Only few spots remained obstructed from my view by large bushes. Once Elodie had reached her position, she†™d fill that gap.

I counted two guards on this side of the house, both armed with short-barreled machine pistols. That matched Sabine†™s reconnaissance mission results†”two guards on the terrace at each of the mansion†™s four sides, and two again at the main entrance on the ground level. The two on our side didn†™t appear very alert†”not as if they†™d seriously expect uninvited visitors.

Tess had said that probably nobody expected a second retrieval wave. Back then, when we had freed the reluctant and destructive instruments, we had faced substantial resistance after the first simple pickups. Presumably, back then they had been alarmed here, too. But that lay two years in the past.

A bird†™s chirp sounded from the right†”Elodie had reached her position.

Just at this moment, the guard to the left raised a hand to his ear, and the other looked up and peered in Elodie†™s direction. Next, shots sounded from the left side†”from the main entrance, where Tess and Sabine would approach.

I heard not only the rattling of several machine pistols, but also the hiss of plasma rounds. Sabine hadn†™t mentioned that!

Our secondary goal of a quiet mission had therefore failed, and put our primary target in imminent lethal danger†”if the guard staff was still following their order of instantly killing the instrument in case of a liberation attempt.

I signaled a Three to Elodie. Opponent†™s strength unknown, fight inevitable†”strike firmly, eliminate identified targets as reliably as possible.

She answered with three raised fingers†”acknowledgement.


Upon dashing forward I checked for options to reach the upper terrace through the greens. Through under that bush, jump up the gray brick wall, grab the ledge, and swing over the stone railing†”okay.

The guard noticed me as soon as I came out under the trees and swung his machine pistol around. Too late!

He had three seconds overall while I had to cover the hundred meters to the house and up to his place, and on the last third of my way, the bushes obstructed his sight. Too short to stop a fast determined Mamba.

He just had time for a surprised shout but didn†™t manage to fire his gun†”with the drive that carried me over the balustrade, my kick met his chin hard enough to make his cervical spine give in. Before I landed, he was already dead.

Elodie†™s opponent shared this fate.

A quick glance constituted our agreement. Plan Three†”enter the building, search for primary target.

The trellised door almost in front of me stood open. I jumped through and rolled away to come to a halt ready for a jump.

No guard in this room, so I hurried to the door, opened it a bit and listened. Aside from the outside shots†™ echo I heard quickly tapping steps. More guards? If so, they were on their way to the entrance as reinforcements, or to their host as executioners.

I sensed Elodie behind me and quickly pulled the door open.

Three more armed men were just running down the large open stairs to our right†”led by a blond giant with a bulky plasma rifle, followed by a bald-headed man with large-caliber pistol and a dark-curly-haired youngster with machine pistol. Without hesitation, I jumped over the balcony railing between the leading two men.

First I had to batter bald-head†™s guns aside and make the giant lose his balance with a kick. Oops†”the kick caused less effect than hoped for, and the giant only stumbled a few steps down, just enough extra distance to get his gun barrel up. I couldn†™t take care of that, though, because bald-head was about to throw himself upon me with a loud roar†”well, I ducked down deep, slipped through under his arms, then pushed myself up and catapulted him behind me, right into the giant.

Before I tended to those two again, I saw Elodie crush the youngster†™s windpipe with little remorse. Three. No opponents at our backs, no witnesses.

#6 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks IV - Expedition

If war doesn't come to Johanna, Johanna will go where the war is.

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Lioness' Tracks IV - Expedition (Zoe Lionheart Book 24)

Johanna returns to Earth from her exploration mission with a heavy burden†”the survival of two peoples is at stake, menaced by an all-devouring creature. Now she must convince mankind that helping the foreigners is rewarding†”and at the same time, she must defeat the human opponents who threaten to destroy everything she ever built. Time is running out†”will she be able to return, and if so, will she still find someone to save?

I had thought I could just quietly sneak into my room, slip into my bed, and sleep. But as soon as I was peacefully lying under the sheet, an arm came from behind to hold my breast, and Francine snuggled up to me.

It felt good, so I didn't fight it. I was only a bit surprised - I had expected her to look for a hard cock for a change. There were many men on the island for a nice fuck and a following cuddle.

I'd have appreciated such, too, if I hadn't been spending my evening with empress' duties. Instead, I only felt tired.

What a luxury! Being able to lie down unconcerned, being allowed to feel snug - in fresh linen, with full stomach, and with a nice girlfriend to cuddle. What would I've given for such as a child!

Everything. I'd probably never developed the ambition to become a good whore or thief or to study - and Dragon technology not at all. I wouldn't have met the Lionheart, would never have had the chance to steal charge 11-217, and would never have met my Dragon Companion, whose presence I could sense always and everywhere since then.

And I wouldn't be responsible for all the other wonderful people who could also feel safe and snug on the island, like Francine at my back.

With amazement I realized that I felt happy and content. And sleepy...

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#7 Valerie J. Long

Valerie J. Long


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Valerie J. Long - Lioness' Tracks V - Anonymous

Humiliation and abuse cannot make Monique’s determination and dedication falter.

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Lioness' Tracks V - Anonymous (Zoe Lionheart Book 25)

Monique is on a mission only she alone can complete to protect mankind from great evil. But this mission is also dangerous for those who are most dear to her—should she pursue or abandon it?

While Johanna, as supreme commander of the United Nations Space Forces, prepares for her departure to the stars, Mamba Monique and her partner, Elodie, venture on a solitary mission that no one else could accomplish. To track down the terrorists that repeatedly launch assaults on Johanna and her team, she presents herself as an irresistible bait. However, once the enemy takes the bait, she’s separated from her teammate. How can she persevere in this environment without blowing her cover and thus dooming her mission to fail?

From the lamp posts at the curbside, I could tell that I’d finally reached the outskirts of greater Zurich. From their missing lights as well as the debris in the gutter, I could tell that the path back to civilization was still long.

My feet were hurting from the long hike. On this day, I had covered another ten-hour-leg, the fifth in sequence, wherever possible via forest roads and hiking trails, avoiding any contact that could lead to critical questions.

The worn-out canvas shoes weren’t made for such abuse, just as my padded winter jacket smelled humid outside and inside. My pants’ legs were soaked, and my tee shirt and undies were sweaty. Moreover, I was hungry—I couldn’t live off of a couple of stolen apples alone.

Without money there was no food. Without a job, there was no money, without ID, no legal job, and I had no ID. In this situation, it wasn’t advisable to fall into the police’s hands. At best, I, as non-Swiss, would face expulsion. But I didn’t want to learn how kind and professional the Swiss police would be toward a lone girl without money, ID, and contacts.

That was neither my biggest nor my most urgent problem at that moment—before me, two guys stepped from a dark alcove into the street and assumed a threatening position.

I stopped.

“No one will come to your aid here, darling,” one guy said.

No, of course not. The next moment, I turned around, fighting for balance on the wet pavement, and ran. The surprise gained me a small head start before the two decided to follow their allegedly easy prey.

It didn’t take long for the first to catch up with me and grab one sleeve. I tore myself free and dodged to the side, glancing back. The second one wielded a knife.

Once again, I scored a surprise—sudden stop, a high knee into the privates, and number one faded away.

Number two had to evade his falling friend to reach me. That provided me with the necessary time to gain safe footing, dodge his first knife attack, and then ram my fingers into his throat.

While he was wriggling on the ground, fighting for his breath, I took the knife away from him and searched his pockets. His friend didn’t dare protest while I was showing him the knife.

“Don’t follow me,” I advised them, rose, and left the battle scene, one knife and a few francs richer.

Another shadow was following me. A few roads later, I stopped and let the slender shape catch up.

All okay? Elodie’s fingers asked.

All okay, I replied as wordlessly.

My partner quickly disappeared back into the dark of night, leaving me alone with my problems. We had agreed on that—as long as there were no undesired events, she stayed out of it all, only occasionally letting me know that she was still there. She could appear in public even less than me. If someone asked systematically, there should only be one foreign woman newly arrived in town. She remained invisible, inaudible, and untraceable while I placed the bait.

The road ended in a small square. Light and laughter came out of a door on the opposite side—a bar, an opportunity to buy some food for my freshly stolen money.

Instead, I searched for a way in at the rear of the building. Left or right? I guessed wrong and had to walk three-quarters around the block before I found the passageway that smelled like wet kitchen waste.

Inside the passageway, I wrung some wetness from my hair, combed it back with my fingers, arranged my clothing, then hurried over to the back door and knocked.

The door swung inside. I took that as an invitation to make at least the first step out of the rain. “Hello?”

A short corridor led deeper into the building, bathed in dim light by a single lamp. Two doors each led left or right, a fifth straight ahead was labeled Guest Room.

Right from the start, I disliked the older man in the stained white apron, who was looking out of the second door to the left and sulked. “Yes?”

Only I couldn’t consider that in the current situation. “I need a job. Cleaning, dishwashing, whatever.”

“Come here.”

I obeyed.

“Stop,” he commanded when I was three steps away and turned up his nose at me. “You stink.”

I shrugged. “I can wash myself.”

“Show your fingers.”

I held out my hands and showed my palms.

“Yes, okay. Turn them—okay. Well. What’s your name?”


“Monique. Show me your ID.”

“I don’t have one.”

“Why that?”

I spread my arms. “My guy took it away years ago. Now that I’m rid of him, a new chip’s on the bottom of my list.”

“Well—but not of mine. I don’t want trouble. Without ID, I can’t give you a job. Sorry.”

“Ey—what use is an ID for me if I die of starvation first?”

“Oh, you’re hungry? Why don’t you say so?”

“Because I want to work for my food.”

Now he smiled. “I understand. Well, I can’t let you work, but perhaps you can do me a little favor?”

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